Pilot Custom 845 Urushi Dolma Kalem Kırmızı Medium
Pilot Custom 845 Urushi Dolma Kalem Kırmızı Medium
Pilot Custom 845 Urushi Dolma Kalem Kırmızı Medium

Pilot Custom 845 Urushi Fountain Pen Red Medium (FKV-5MR-R-M)

Brand : Pilot
Price : $896.00
Vat included : $896.00
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Pilot Custom 845

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The Pilot Custom series was originally come to life by Pilot in 1971 to create a range of fountain pens that are precisely tailored for users' writing preferences. Each series in the Custom line offers different benefits, from nip sizes to ink converters or body style and size.

The Custom 845 is one of the most popular pens worldwide due to its unique Urushi lacquer finish, two-tone 18k gold nib and large body size.

Urushi lacquer comes from the sap of the Asian lacquer tree. When applied to the pen body, it hardens and absorbs moisture from the air, forming a glossy coating. Urushi must be carefully applied to the body in hand-painted layers to create a polished fountain pen, and it is a very laborious and complex process. This traditional Japanese technique enhances both the beauty and longevity of the pens. The Urushi lacquer allows pens to resist corrosion from water, acids, alcohol and even temperature changes. The Custom 845 is the perfect pen to use every day and pass on to future generations.

You can see "Custom 845" and "Pilot Japan" on the ring on the pen with gold-plated trim. It offers the possibility of use with both cartridge and converter piston. The CON-70,a push-action converter is sent with the pen.

Each Custom 845 pen comes in an elegant gift box.

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Product Family
Custom 845
Fountain Pen
Nib Size
Medium (M)
Filling Mechanism
Cap Type
Screw Cap
Grip Material
Trim Color
27 gr
146 mm
Length withouth cap
132 mm
Length as cap posted
165 mm
13.2 mm
Diameter Grip
10.5 mm
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