Sarıkalem Writing Tools


Sarıkalem is an online store that offers a personalized shopping experience for fountain pen lovers since 2017.

We understand and accept the excitement of new fountain pens and accessories, so we offer fast and secure service to all our customers.

We work with distributors of almost all major fountain pen brands and include most of the products in our collection physically.

While our collection is focused on fountain pens and accessories, we also offer high-quality rollerballs, ballpoint pens, and mechanical pencils. You can also find a wide variety of inks, refills, and cases.

We keep all of our products on our site in stock and we ship the orders on the same day.


We also have a unique service for pen lovers: If you cannot find the pen you are looking for, please contact us and we will assist you. Thanks to our close relationship with the dealers, we can quickly and safely supply the product for you and deliver it to you.

We love fountain pens! Sharing this love is the most beautiful thing for us and we are starting to bond with our customers, you, when you receive your order. Our team checks each pen before packing it and makes sure your pen is in top condition. Every item in our store is new and guaranteed. You can always contact us for any unexpected situation or even if you want to know more details about your orders.

Our expertise and know-how are open to every customer and you can reach us on any topic related to our collection. We'd love to chat about pens, the latest news about the pen world, journalism, inks, and more.



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