Cancellation, Return, Exchange and Warranty Processes


Orders placed before 17:00 during the day are shipped the same day. Orders that are not shipped will be canceled unconditionally without giving any reason. Shipping orders are included in the return process.
The products to be returned must not be used, the fountain pens have not been inked, the packaging has not been torn/damaged, and they must not be in a condition that prevents resale. If any, gifts sent with the product must be returned with the product under the same conditions.
Returns of inks, products with damaged original packaging, used products and products that are not suitable for resale are not accepted. If these products are found to be defective, they are covered by the warranty and the warranty process works.
Defective products are recalled for warranty under warranty. If, as a result of the examination, it is determined that the defect is caused by production, an unconditional change is made.
If the products complying with the return conditions are requested, they are exchanged. The change is made by returning the product and placing a new order. In the exchange process, the shipping cost is deducted from the product price as in the return process.
For products that meet the terms of order cancellation, return and exchange period, it is 14 days from the delivery of the product. Within this period, the product must be shipped within three days after the request is opened, the return request for the product that has not been shipped will be deemed invalid.
Do not take delivery of the torn, crushed or damaged package from the cargo or request a damage report. No responsibility is accepted for products that do not have a damage report and are damaged in the cargo. In the return process, the cargo shipment responsibility belongs to the sender (customer). Products must be sent in a protected format. The sender is responsible for the compensation of the products damaged in the cargo.
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