Pelikan K200 Special Edition Golden Beryl Tükenmez Kalem
Pelikan K200 Special Edition Golden Beryl Tükenmez Kalem

Pelikan M200 Special Edition Golden Beryl Ballpoint Pen (819619)

Brand : Pelikan
Price : $105.00
Vat included : $105.00
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Pelikan M200 Golden Beryl

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M 200 Golden Beryl is the special edition color of 2021 and is presented as a classical design gilded demonstrator pen. This pen is paired with the Pelikan Edelstein Golden Beryl. The pen has a fascinating effect with its own ink that shimmers in your hand with every movement.

If you are looking for the perfect writing instrument to enter the world of writing, the Pelikan M200 series may be the pens you are looking for.

The body of the M200 series pens with piston filling system is made of high quality resin and the colors are marbleized with mother-of-pearl patterns except black. They are stunning pens that shine in your hand. It features the traditional Pelikan design with 24 ct gold-plated trims and the characteristic Pelikan clip, with a clear ink viewing window as a stylish and colorful accent.

The Classic M200 series is a more accessible option than Pelikan's flagship Souveran gold-nib fountain pens, and yet is meticulously handcrafted with high-quality materials. The smooth, wet-writing steel nib is equipped to pens. The same classic design have dimensions as the M400.

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Product Family
Ballpoint Pen
Filling Mechanism
International Standard Size Ballpoint Refill
Grip Material
Clear/No Color Golden
Trim Color
16 gr
134 mm
11 mm
Diameter Grip
9.5 mm
Golden beryl,
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