Esterbrook Pen Company is a former American pen manufacturing company headquartered in New Jersey. It was the biggest pencil manufacturer in the United States, achieving a record of producing 216,000,000 pencils per year. The company, which stopped its operations in 1971, was acquired by Harpen Brand Holdings and later Kenro Industries in 2014 and continued production.

Esterbrook continues to represent the spirit it has always had: entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional quality at an affordable price and creative designs that have made the original Esterbrook brand an American icon and global player. Times may be different, but their basic values are still preserved in the DNA of pens.

Esterbrook continues to draw eyes with Nebulous Plume, Gold Rush pens, which are Premier series, and Estie Botanical Garden, limited edition season series, Estie Punch pencils, while introduce Core series Estie Tortoise, Scarlet and Ebony Black pens to pen addicts.

In addition, Scribe and Custom Gena nib (The Journaler), which have their own custom nibs are attracting great interest from pen addicts.
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